Trees are awesome

Hello everyone today I am going to talk about trees people may wonder why would you talk about trees well trees give us their they taken all of our carbon dioxide which we breathe out and they breathe in which creates air that we breathe. It’s pretty cool fact people usually don’t think too much about trees but every time I walk by a tree I think a lechery creates there for us that’s awesome. Trees of been around for ages. Trees also give us natural resources like fruit, would for houses, and other really awesome needs. Trees help us live and survive. If we do not have trees we would be here so every time you see a tree stop and think about it for a second. That is my understanding and thought of trees.

A website you should visit is trees are here is a link Tree Website

Here is a cool riddle for you guys if you get the answer please contact me by writing on my blog to answer.

The pine tree was blowing in the wind and the wind was going west. Which way did the leaves blow?????

Miss Wyatt

2 thoughts on “Trees are awesome

  1. I really do like how you care so much for trees, and you’re right. Trees are awesome. I think the answer to the riddle at he bottom of your page is the leaves flow east, because it only said that the tree was blowing. Or maybe they were not even moving at all! I do please that you reply to this comment and I reccomend that you check out my blog. Bye!

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